I'm glad that you found my web page and are interested in

acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I hope that you are

considering acupuncture for your health and well-being.  I

aim to provide a safe and serene space for your healing



On this site, you'll find information about acupuncture and

other health-related topics.  Please don't consider anything

you find here to be the last word, instead, think of it as one

opinion, one voice among many.


Acupuncture is a diverse art and science and 10 different

acupuncturists will offer 10 different opinions and views.

You have choices as you follow your own heartpath.



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Stay tuned for upcoming events and workshops!

- Shoshana Osofsky, MA, MS, L.A. c., Dipl. NCCAOM

Heartpath Acupuncture, 2015