Supports for Healthy Lifestyles


Strong Women

Dr. Miriam Nelson of Tuft's University has a wonderful

website to empower women to take care of  their health

and fitness. She also wrote a wonderful series of books

that serve as how-to manuals for combating chronic

disease and living healthy.



Here's a free tool from the USDA.  It can help you


your diet, to make sure that you get enough of important

nutrients.  It is easy to use.  You can personalize the tool

for your own health and fitness goals.  Studies show that

people who keep food journals loose more weight.



Massage Therapy & Healing Arts


Massage is a healing and relaxing way to take good care of

yourself.  We are fortunate to have a number of  talented

licensed massage therapists in our area, each of them

brings a special gift and talent to the work.   It is a good

idea to experience massage with several different

practitioners so that you will know what is best for you.


Artistic Touch Massage



Woodstown Massage Boutique


Trager With Carolyn

Trager bodywork is a relaxing de-stresser!


Shadow Equestrian

Equine therapy for kids with special needs.


Alcoholics Anonymous - for help with a drinking problem.


If you have been affected by someone else's drinking then Al-Anon may be for you.


Overeaters Anonymous For all issues around food and eating behaviors.


Local Businesses


Supporting local business builds prosperity and stability in

our community.  Think about patronizing your neighbors.


Artistic Touch Beads

Express  yourself with beads; make one-of-a-kind pieces for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.


Fiber Arts Cafe

Truly delicious yarns!   And a nice place to meet other

crafters and hang out.





New Economy



Gift Economy













Dancing is a fun way to move and sweat.  Here are some



Dancing with Patti

I took a class with Patti and liked her style.  She's easy

going and encourages folks to move and have fun and not

stress over learning the moves; they'll come with

practice. Patti has instructions posted on line and you

can link to them from her website.  She teaches weekly

at a club in Carney's Point. You can also find dancing

with patti on Facebook.



Environment and Conservation


How we treat the Earth is a reflection of how we are

treating ourselves.  Healing ourselves heals the Earth.


Here are some resources for a healthier planet:


The Wetlands Institute

In our own backyard, The Wetlands Institute in Stone

Harbor, NJ is dedicated to promoting appreciation and

understanding of the value of wetlands and coastal

resources.  The Institute encourages the public to protect

the terrapins by driving cautiously.   They also sponsor

terrapin road patrols to safely help the terrapins cross the

road because each year many terrapins are hit by cars

as they cross the road to find nesting sites. When you

see a terrapin or other turtle such as a box turtle

crossing the road, you may be able to save its life.  If you

help a turtle cross the road - always move it in the

direction it was traveling.


The Union of Concerned Scientists

focuses on energy and climate change as well as food

and agriculture.   The website has tools for reducing your

environmental footprint.


Xerces Society

Invertebrate conservation is the focus of the Xerces

Society.  What do bugs have to do with you?   Plenty.

Agriculture is big money for Southern New Jersey and

many of our cash crops, not to mention our food plants

require insects for pollination.  You probably already

know about the plight of the honey bee and colony

collapse disorder but you may not know about the loss of

native bees and other pollinators due to habitat loss and

pesticide use.  You can help our native bees and other

pollinators by planting native plants and not using

pesticides in your yard.





Turtles hold a special place in my heart.  Here are some

organizations that are working to protect these wonderful

creatures from extinction.


Sea Turtle Conservancy

may be the oldest non-profit dedicated to sea turtle

protection.  It was founded in the 1950s by pioneer turtle

researcher Dr. Archie Carr.


Heartpath Acupuncture, 2016