"I have been seeing Shoshana for acupuncture treatments

for a year.  I can say that acupuncture has changed my

life.  Acupuncture does not give me noticeable results the

day of my treatment, instead, after a number of

treatments, I have noticed a complete change in my

mental and physical well-being.  My entire body feels

centered and healthy.  I will continue with acupuncture for

the rest of my life."   -- Sharon K.


"After smoking for all of my adult life and trying many other

means of quitting, I decided to try acupuncture and

contacted Shoshana.  I'm happy to share that I finally have

quit smoking and have been "smoke free" for 2 years.  The

process was so simple and Shoshana provided much

encouragement and support.  I have continued with

acupuncture for general wellness and during this time she

has helped me with joint pain.  I highly recommend

acupuncture for smoking cessation!!!"  -- CBT


"I initially sought acupuncture to help with a variety of

"issues".  I was an occasional smoker, had digestive

problems including heartburn and had sinus pressure and

headaches.  I had tried different medications but felt none

were helping.  Shoshana spend time reviewing my

complaints and then devised a plan that addressed all my

needs.  I immediately felt relief after treatment and have

continued treatment on a regular basis to keep my body

"in tune".  She has helped me when I've experienced

different problems including neck and shoulder pain,

sleeping issues (don't we all experience that at one time)

and lack of energy.  Please give acupuncture a try - you

won't be disappointed!!!"   -- LBT


"One of the nicest things I have ever done for myself was

to go to an acupuncturist.  I was lucky enough to have

been referred to Shoshana Osofsky, who is a very caring,

compassionate and helpful practitioner.


Due to my fear of needles I suffered from migraines for 5

years - before going to HeartPath Acupuncture in

Bridgeton, NJ.  On my first 2 hour intake appointment - I

realized when the migraines started and why!  Shoshana

used the smallest needles and I felt hardly any discomfort

at all.  She explained everything to me - the way Chinese

medicine works, the correlation between our emotions &

our organs.  Not only did the migraines stop - but I had a

new understanding of how my body processed pain, stress

and grief.


It just so happened, that during my sessions of receiving

acupuncture for the migraines, I lost both of my parents.

Shoshana was a lifesaver.  The grief that I experienced

was too much for me, at times and I would call Shoshana

for a session.  After which, I found that I had a sense of

peace and calmness and a clear mind, which enabled me

to do what I needed to do.


One time, since the migraines were subsiding, I received a

relaxation treatment from Shoshana. Wow!  I could hardly

get off the table.  She stayed with me until I was okay to

drive home.  It was the most relaxed that I have ever been!


I could go on and on about all the healing that acupuncture

has done for me - but the best healing came to me from

this practitioner who listened, card and guided me over my

life's hardest moments, with her kindness, skill and

accuracy.  I will be forever grateful to Shoshana Osofsky"

    -- GB

"When people ask me if acupuncture is worth it, I answer

with a question – how do you put a value on something

that gives you back the quality of life you’ve been missing

for years?


When I turned 50, I began suffering from a form of

prostatitis that resisted all forms of treatment. The

condition left me debilitated and brought on recurring

chemical depression which was also resistant to

permanent drug treatments. In short, off and on for seven

years, I was a periodic mess, often unable to carry out

even the simplest of functions. Medical tests of every sort

confirmed that I had no other conditions. Two of the best

urologists in New Jersey said that I would simply have to

learn to live with my malady.


My wife suggested that I try acupuncture. I was reluctant.

Acupuncture sounded weird.  I knew it involved needles

and much of my pain was focused in areas that I certainly

didn’t want stuck. At my wits end, I finally agreed to set

up an appointment with acupuncturist Shoshona Osofsky.


I was a nervous wreck at our first session. Shoshona

patiently explained how she believed acupuncture could

help me. I agreed to try it. Now this next part sounds

unbelievable. But it is absolutely true. That session

occurred on the Thursday before Easter. On Easter

Sunday, I forgot to take my medication. And I haven’t

taken it since. The anxiety eased. The depression lifted.

And, best of all, I have had no prostatitis attacks since

my first treatment. For the beginning of my treatments, I

went once a week. That changed to every two weeks;

then every six weeks. Now I simply go in for a periodic

tuneups. But I know the first place I am headed if my

conditions ever return. Oh yeah, and despite what you

might believe, you really don’t feel the needles.


Since my success, I have referred many of my friends to

Shoshona. For some, the treatments have worked. For

others, success has been elusive. However, this is my

thinking. If traditional Western methods of medicine aren’t

working, why not look to the East? Acupuncture might be

the answer. It worked for me and it just might work for

you, too."  – Dave P.


"After a long period of muscle pain, headaches & fatigue

related to Lyme Disease & Fibromyalgia I decided to try

acupuncture as an alternative to Drs., testing &

prescriptions.  I began acupuncture 3 years ago thinking

that 6 months would “be the cure” but soon realizing that

your health issues require a maintenance program to be

successful.  I am no longer on daily prescription

medication and pleased with the outcome of acupuncture.


Most importantly, I am so glad that I had the courage to

“think outside the box.” Many thanks to Shoshana.  – CH

Heartpath Acupuncture, 2016